Sans Co.

Established in 2019, Sans Co is a coworking-cafe space for people who need serenity in their life with a cup of coffee to continue their life 24/7 discussing a bunch of ideas or continue their work-life in peace. Sans Co inspired to solve these problems to boost the education and creative industry in Bandung.

Sans Co formed from ‘Sans’ in Indonesia that means ‘Santai’; free from tension; in a free and free state. Sans Co aspires not only to be a relax and calm co working-cafe space for doing their work. But as a companion to spend their time for taking a break for awhile between their occupied life.

Sans Co supported by strategic location in Dago Atas, wide space, delightful food, and of course high-quality coffee makes Sans Co as a suitable place for relaxing and hustling like at home.

We Did

  • Business Ideas
  • Brand Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Business & Marketing Plan
  • Company's Name
  • Branding Guideline
  • Marketing Content Materials
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Design & Build
  • Interior Design
  • Contractor Civil